Submission for the Nov-Dec section of the "2006 Nikonians Photographers of the Year" competition

Enclosed please find my next photo for the "2006 Nikonians Photographers of the Year" competition. I've chosen to participate in the "Architectural" section. It was the first b/w photo in this section. Another has followed.
I think the photo expresses the vast possibilities an open mind has (the ocean), as soon as you understand how to unlock the mind (the gate).

2 kommentarer:

  1. Veeeery nice shot too, Lars. The sky also symbolises 'no limit'. I like it... a lot.

    A few points of criticism (positively meant):

    1) The photo seems a bit "flat" (but just a bit). I would have made a bigger contrast. When I see you next time, I'll bring a book that shows how to do b/w photos the "Ansel" way.

    2) The horizon is tilting (1.5 degrees). It should be rotated clockwise slightly.

    3) The reflections from the sun in the sea is a bit offset from the centre of the gate. I would have stepped left a bit.

    The 2 first can be done in Photoshop and are "accepted" changes (subject to the rules of the contest, I guess) as these are things you can do in a traditional darkroom.

    Well, just my 2 Euro Cents. Where was it taken? Gotland?


  2. Hi Joachim,

    Thx for the constructive comments. I've experimented a bit with the Dodge and Burn tool in Photoshop Elements. This you will see on one of my next photos.