Windows 2

This is the first photo send directly from my Flickr account. The photo was taken at The Open Museum in Brede, Denmark.


  1. God dag, Lars!

    (Apologies, my Danish is very basic so I must use English for this) I love your photos, I found them on Flickr. I fell in love with Copenhagen when I visited Denmark, it is an amazing and beautiful place, I hope to visit again very soon to take photos!

    I like this image, it looks nice in black & white! You are a very talented photographer and I hope to see many more of your images.


  2. Hi Leanne,

    How nice to meet you on my blog. Sorry that I first read this message now, but time has been limited, so I had to put blog work on hold.
    If you ever come to Copenhagen, then drop me a note. I would be happy to take you for a cup of coffee and show you my town that offers plenty of interesting photo opportunities. In addition, thx for you kind words :-D