Door to ?

This is another photo from the cathedral in St. Johann im Pongau, Austria. This is the door handle to the main entrance door. I liked the little laughing head and the overall gothic appearance. To enhance those two aspects I chose to convert the photo to "duo tones", so the added contrast would create a dramatic effect. I hope you agree.


Cathedral Tower

My family and I are currently on a ski vacation in Austria. We live at a very nice hotel in Alpendorf nearby St. Johann im Pongau. This photo is from the very old Cathedral in St. Johann.


Cranes in Blue

I'm trying to find my own style within manipulative photo art. Two important elements are "colour" and "pixel twisting". In this photo I used both. All work is done in PhotoShop Elements 4.0.
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Metal Blue(s)

While walking with my family and dog today, we passed a small road repair area, where tracks where covered with metal plates. One of those metal plates resulted in this photo. In PhotoShop I then gave it this blue colour to achieve an interesting graphical effect.