Traditional Social Network Analysis (SNA) can't stand alone

A recent article in the Danish ComputerWorld raises an important issue of potential misuse of Social Network Analysis (SNA) tools. The journalist - Dan Mygind - interviews one of Denmark’s leading expert within SNA - Professor Christian Waldstrøm, who is very clear in his message.
"Social Network Analysis is a very powerful tool that can create more damage than good if not use in the right way", says Christian Waldstrøm.
While agreeing to this point, I also think the article is casting an unnecessary bad light over SNA-tools. Many organizations could benefit greatly from the application of SNA-tools. In an increasing competitive world focus on customers are getting more and more important. Therefore it is vital to know how many resources an organization is spending on a customer in relation to the overall value of the customer to the organization. Another useful SNA-application is the identification and development of individuals, groups and cooperation relationships, which will have an impact on the organizations ability to create growth. Last but not least a social network analysis will identify unnecessary communication and help create an effective and focused communication culture within the organization.
The important message here is, that a simple SNA-tool can’t stand alone and more advanced SNA-tools is on the market that, implemented by experts, will help organizations develop to secure future growth.

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  1. Social Network Analysis (SNA) offers a powerful academic tool for scholars and researchers. Network analysis in general is an important discipline for business as well. However, for business performance improvements, SNA only shows a small fraction of the picture. Key business processes, for example, are entirely left out of organizational SNA. Unfortunately, the business benefits of SNA are oversold and incomplete.

    A far more complete method for network analysis of business is value networks. Value networks and analysis (VNA) employee the identical mathematical network analysis rigor of SNA but also creates meaning and mappings of the critical process infrastructure. It furnishes visualization and optimization of entire business and economic ecosystems, including social relationships, knowledge pathways and key business process. See comparisons:

    Most value networks methods, tools, applications and technologies are open source, open content. This is the open gateway –