Art on Display - Day 23

Another day where I'm testing an old lens. This time it is a ELICAR Automatic MC f=135mm 1:2.8 with serial number 800649 - Nikon F-mount. I can't find much information about this lens other that is was manufactured by Komine - a Japanese lens maker - and it should be extremely sharp. The build quality is very good and the lens comes with a built in lens hood.

My Nikon D300 with the lens was mounted on a tripod and the Nikon cable release MC-36 was connected to the D300. Again I used "Mirror Up" mode for optimal sharpness. To the right of the subject I placed a SB-900 with a 1/2 CTB (I just love this gel) and a narrow beam honeycomb from Honl Photo. The flash was fired with a PW's. In manual mode I chose a shutter of /125 sec and then played around with the aperture ring on the lens while gazing at the display for clippings. WB was set to Cloudy (warm in contrast to the blue gel) and ISO to 200. After some experimenting I dialed in -2/3 EV and hit the right exposure.

I must say I find this lens generates a very sharp photo and there is no vignetting at all. It could become a perfect portrait lens!

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