Beauty Dish Exercise - Day 9

Now here is a man who need serious help from a beauty dish :-) In the need of a model (normally my daughter - but she is with her boyfriend - not to be disturbed) I had to step in myself. 

Setting the camera on a 10 second timer allowed me to jump into place before the shot. Again I'm using a white wall in my home as a back drop. A rim light (Elinchrom D-Lite it 2 (power 1.5) with a Elinchrom Rotalux EL-strip 33 x 175 cm) is used to light up the back of my arm and shoulder and my neck and hair on the left side. A beauty dish (Elinchrom D-Lite it 4 (power 2.0) with a Elinchrom Minisoft-44 Beauty Dish with diffuser is adding a catch light in my eyes and a soft light on my face and body fronting the light.

The Nikon D300 was on 1/125 f/13 (ISO 200) as the digital light meter told me it should be (you can see it hanging around my neck - very much like a pro photographer :o) ). I was hoping for a darker wall as I'm placed 1.5 meter from the wall and the meter reading here was f/9. Two stops should be enough to turn the wall darker - or what? Anyone have input here?

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