Crash - Day 19

It's kind of symbolic. After my "reset" from professional work life, both my iPhone and now also my MacBook Pro chose to malfunction to a degree that a 100% system installation was necessary.

One thing is an Iphone - but a total different issue is when your computer is experiencing a total system melt down. The blue screen you see on the photo is the one thing you don't wont to see when starting your PC. I even tried re-installing from a week old Time Machine back up, but that didn't work either (the full backup including applications and data was transfered but still - blue screen after reboot. So I had to find my original OS DVD - insert it and press and hold "c" down to initiate a reboot from the DVD and then go through the hassle of first installing OS X Leopard and then OS X Lion (3 hours). Now finally I have re-installed all applications, presets in LR, etc. Unfortunately I lost one week of work including a lot of photos. I grabbed my Nikon D300 with shaking hands at turned it on to check the content of the flash card. Luckily I hadn't erased the app. 200 portrait photos I took of a friend of mine for her website. They where still in the camera flash card. Normally I delete photos on the flash card right after I've imported them to LR. Lesson learned = Time Machine back up every day! I'm even doubling my photo backup now, so I do it every day on two external hard drives.

By the way - if you are in the need of an external hard drive - I have a great offer on a 2 TB WD external hard drive here in my little web shop (Danish customers only).

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