Dyrehaven - Day 22

When buying old Nikon SLR's you also have a chance to get an interesting lens as part of the kit. One such lens is the Nikon Series E 100 f/2.8. It's a manual focus lens.

I mounted the lens on my Nikon D300 and went out shooting with tripod to test the Mirror Up (MU) function together with the Nikon MC-36 cable release. Shooting with MU should in theory give sharper photos because the shutter is not introducing any vibration when moving up. I must admit when studying a photo taken without MU and a photo with MU - I can't see the difference. Maybe its the lens - maybe its me?! 

My subject was a tree that still had a lot of apples eventhough it's winter. It's as if the tree wont realize winter has come.

My next subject was "Dyrehaven" - a park close to my home. Again the D300 with the 100mm f/2.8 Series E lens and the Nikon MC-36 cable release was mounted on a tripod. 

Both photos received some post processing in LR3 and the latter also a 6:18 Tone Blue Seim Effect.

Here is my setup :-)

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