Knife & Chili - Day 27

A boring still life photo.

I needed to test a reverse mounting of my camera on a tripod - so instead of the camera hovering above the three legs of the tripod, it was now hanging between the legs (that sounds as something else) enabling a clean and plan photo of the subject placed on the floor directly under the main axis of the tripod.
I was handholding two Speedlights (SB-600 and SB-900) controlled with PWs. The power of the flash units was managed by the PocketWizard AC3 unit (SB-900 = Group A / SB-600 = Group B). The camera was set to time lapse release of 5 sec and I used my cable release Nikon MC-36 to focus and release the camera which gave me time to drop the cable release a grab the flash units before they went of.

Nikon D300, AF 50mm f/1.4D - ISO 200
Exposure: 1/125 at f/11 with 0 EV

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