Lightscoop Warm test - Day 8

Today I wanted to play with a Lightscoop Warm flash bouncer, which is a simple divice placed in the camera's flash hot shoe so that the harsh (cold) light from the flash is directed away from the model towards either the ceiling or a wall - preferably white - so that the returning light is much softer (warm).

I placed my model Camilla on a chair beside a white wall. I'm holding my camera vertical so the flash light is bounced into the wall and then reflected back onto Camilla's left side.



Photo 1: Using only the built in flash of my Nikon D300. As you can see the light is harsh and blue (cold). 

Photo 2: Mounting the Lightscoop Warm flash bouncer and using the same settings is clearly warming up the photo. The effect is big here as Camilla is only 30 cm from the wall. The normal distance to the reflecting surface would be 1.5 - 2.0  meters which would remove the orange color cast from the wall. 

Photo 3: Make a few adjustments in LR3 improved the photo but it is still the original warming of the photo that dominates the look and feel.

Photo 4: Here I have just added a preset called "Mocca" and I like this version a lot, so this is my "Day 8" photo.

Please remember this is just me playing around with my equipment. This is the only way to learn how to use all of your equipment in the best way in different situations. I really like how the Lightscoop Warm turns cold blue flash light into a warm light that is much more suited for skin tones.

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