Nikon F3 - Day 13

May I present my beloved Nikon F3. My ambition today was to create a kind of advertising look using only one light source - a Nikon SB-900 - and using a narrow beam to highlight the product and making the surroundings visible but not distracting for the viewer. Fot that purpose I used a honey comb Speed Grid from and had to take a lot of shots to hit the right angle and distance of the flash beam (Photo 1 + 2). In photo 3 i removed the grid and used the SB-900 w/o any light modified thereby enhancing the surroundings and making the books part of the story.

My favorite is photo 2 - but what do you think?

Nikon D300 w. 50mm f/1.4D, ISO 200, Flash WB, 1/60 sec at f/9.0, 0EV, SB-900 w. Nikon SC-29 TTL cord, TTL BL mode.

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