Rikke Grubb Carlsen - Day 29

Today was an exiting as my friend Frederiks Bisbjerg and I had rented a photo studio and agreed with a couple of models to do a shoot. Eventhough we rented a photo studio we did also bring a lot of flash equipment our self - and we ended up using all the stuff we brought.

We took several hundred photos and I will be posting more of those over the coming days. But it is late now and I'll just post the lovely high key portrait of Rikke Grubb Carlsen.

We use a flash to get the high ley back drop and an Elinchrom Beauty Dish with Diffuser from above her face and an Elinchrom Strip Light with Diffuser from beneath to create the traditional clamshell setup - as you also can see from the catch light in her eyes.

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