Self Portrait - Day 25

Today I couldn't find any inspiration or ideas for the daily photograph. I'm tired after 2 hours of spinning and I have a cold. Hmfffff.

So I Chose to test the Lightscoop Warm flash bouncer unit together with a Nikon MC-36 remote cable release unit attached to my Nikon D300. In this way I could position my self in front of the camera and auto focus by pressing the "release" botton on the MC-36 and take the photo by pressing full. A very smart little cable release unit this Nikon MC-36.

This photo was captured with my iPhone 4 - hence the bad quality due to difficult light situation. As you can see the Lightscoop Warm is placed in the flash hotshoe and the harsh flash light is reflected to the left where is bounced on a white book shelf. This will ofcourse result in lesser light than if the flash light had bounced from the white ceiling. The only way to show the Nikon MC-36 was to wrap it around the flash head :-)

This is the photograph - I must apologize for my appearance but here we go. In LR3 I dropped the saturation a bit and made a few other small corrections (needed :-) )-

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