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Macro Wood - Day 51

Having a water pipe damage in your home is really a mess. But after a week installing new pipes and  reestablishing electricity and heating, I drove to Slangerup to pick up all the water damaged equipment that had been removed from our home in an attempt to remove the water a slow drying process.
So my expectations wasn't too high arriving home with all that equipment. My 24" Mac monitor was the first unit to receive power and to my delight it worked. So did the keyboard and mouse. Then I tested my Elinchrom D-Lite set - they flashed away. Both my printers worked - all though I had to poor water from the Epsom Stylus Photo R2880 printer and let it try out for 8 hours.
So the only thing left now is to get a new wooden floor, new door and door frame in my study. The walls need new wall paper and painting. A couple of ceilings need to be replaced.

The photo of the day is a macro shot of a piece of wood with a rough and ragged surface - just like floot and ceiling after the water damage.


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Jeg tiltræder som adm. direktør for Strålfors Information Logistics A/S

Den 1. december tiltrådte jeg som adm. direktør for Strålfors Information Logistics A/S i Brøndby og Tilst – Læs om virksomheden her.

Jeg ser meget frem til den spændende opgave, at udvikle virksomheden yderligere indenfor både det traditionelle forretningsområde – print, kuvertering og distribution, og til at udvikle nye forretningsområder, der skal sikre Strålfors Information Logistics en fortsat førerposition på det nordiske og danske marked, når det drejer sig om distribution af information uafhængigt af medie – papir eller elektronisk.

Vi opererer indenfor fire forretningsområder:
Administrativ Kommunikation – Elektronisk og trykt virksomhedsinformation til mange modtagereMarkedskommunikation – One-to-one markedsføringEDH – Elektronisk Dokument HåndteringKort – Løsninger indenfor betalings-, SIM-, bonus- eller gavekort

SnapScan 9000 - sådan digitaliser du dine negativer

Can you guess who the nice young man is in the image? It is me as a high school student - important years - where my passion for photography really took off. My god - 35 years has passed since those happy years.

I have just scanned b/w negatives and color slides from these years, and it has been hilarious to see the pictures again. Since many of the images are not something to boast about, the mission was only to get the old negatives and slides converted to digital format. Since I have many pictures from my analog years this conversion process must also go quickly.

Therefore I have just tested JOBO Snapscan 9000. It took med just 5 minutes to unpack it and set up. The scanning process is extremely simple. You install an SD card in the scanner, and then feed negatives or slides into the scanner by the help of various rails and frames - one at a time. The scan process only takes 4 seconds per negative / slide. The scanner has some simple correction options such as built-in color corre…

Familieportræt som gave

Et dejligt familieportræt, som blev givet i en julegave til bedsteforældrene. Det er taget i mit studie i Lyngby.

Giv mit et kald hvis du også ønsker et familieportræt til en gave. Du får en digital fil i både farve og sort/hvid. Leveres via DropBox.

Du kan også få et færdig print. Jeg printer selv i op til A3+ og via Grafik & Foto kan jeg tilbyde større print og indramning.