Photographing Art - Day 37

My photo assignment today was a piece af art that I imaging should appear in an art catalogue. A white back drop was chosen so a shadow of the sculpture could be part of the final photograph.

I placed a SB-900 to the left of the camera pointing directly towards the sculture in an angle of 30 degrees. A SB-700 was positioned to the right of the camera pointing toward the sculpture in an angle of 60 degrees. A Heavy Frost gel was mounted on both SB's. To manage the flash output I used PW FlexTT5 on both SB's and PW MiniTT1 and PW AC3 on my Nikon D300.
The SB-900 was set to group A and the SB-700 to group B. With the stop-dials on the PW AC3 I controlled the flash output in steps of 1/3 stop until I was satisfied with the light distribution.
The Nikon D300 was in A-mode with an exposure of 1/60 sec at f/10. I used a Sigma 70-200mm f/2.8 zoom at 110mm.
In LR3 I used "Clarity" and "Tone Curve" to adjust the contrast and shadow areas. Saturation is -100 (B/W). Sharpening has been applied gently.

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