Postman Per - Day 53

I talked to former colleagues at PostNord today, so why not do some macro stacking exercise with this  little "Postman Per" figure.

When shooting macro you are working with a very narrow depth of field - especially if you are using a wide open aperture (f/2.8 in my case) to get a nice blurred back drop. A narrow depth of field means that parts of your subject will be out of focus. The solution is to take a range of photos where you focus on different part of your subject and then stack the photos in Photoshop CS5.

Here is my three photos:

As you can see - different parts of this little figure is in focus in each photo. After importing them into CS5 and following a simple process I achieved this "stacked" photo, where the complete figure is in focus.

Instead of me explaining the process of "stacking in CS5" I'll refere you to this video on YouTube.

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