D800 - Day 88

Today I'm early out with the "Photo of the day". The reason is pure excitement as I have received the first Nikon D800 of the lot I have in back order.

Through my e-store - - I sell Nikon equipment and now the first D800 can be delivered to a customer. I couldn't resist and had to unpack the D800 just to feel it in my hands - only for a split moment - before I repacked it and mailed it to my customer who of course has sent his family away for the week-end so he can focus 100% on his new "baby" fulfilling his NAS.

I hope to get my own D800 during April, but I have no confirmed delivery date(s) for the next shipments of Nikon D800 to Denmark. It was hard to let this one go....... But customers first!

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