Searching my network - Day 82

While going through my LinkedIn network with over 1.200 1st level contacts it becomes evident for me, that many people are in the same situation as me - looking for a new challenge - especially on executive level. Based on talks with executive search companies it is my estimate that finding a new job on executive level can take between 6-18 month and more likely between 12-24 month - unless the general market conditions improves substantially during 2012. And I don't see this happening. During the past three years mane industries, markets and companies has been taken apart and rebuild -- and it will take another three years before global market mechanism has been restored and growth is again happening at a stable level. Through my board responsibilities I know that market conditions are improving and jobs are being created - just not from the top level yet - but more on middle management level and operational level - and that is good. Let's continue the search....

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