Joe McNally & Bill Flakes - Day 89

Yesterday I received the first D800 and delivered it to a customer, and today I met Joe McNally - a living legend within photography and one of my inspirations.

Unfortunately I didn't bring my D300 to this event arranged by NPS  - Nikon Professional Services - but I had to have a photo of Joe - even a low resolution iPhone one. Third from left you can see the also famous Bill Frakes - a sports photographer shooting for Sports Illustrated. Joe McNally is famous for his extensive experience shooting with Nikon Speedlights, his deep understanding about light and of course his over 20 years as a National Geographic photographer.

Both Joe McNally and Bill Flakes delivered a fantastic presentation with amazing photos from their career and the stories behind. I've been shooting for 30 years and know my way around a camera and basic light usage, but I'm still an infantile compared to those two giants. I have much to learn and that just makes me so happy! Today at the age of 50 I fully regret that I didn't follow my young heart and became a full time photographer - never ever turn your back on your passion!

If you are into photography you must read Joe's blog and Bill's blog.

And yes - I played around with both the Nikon D4 and Nikon D800 - all equipped with fantastics primes and telezoom lenses. A perfect pair is the Nikon D800 with MB-D12 grib and a AF-S 24-70mm f/2.8. I took some photos in those low light conditions and was blown away over the quality and sharpness of the photos on screen.

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