Leaf Triptych - Day 67

Today I decided to "go macro". So I found a suitable leaf in my garden, mounted my Nikon D300 with a AF-S Micro Nikkor 60mm on a tripod, positioned a SB-700 and through the use of PocketWizard's (FlexTT5 on the SB-700 and MiniTT1 + AC3 on the Nikon D300) I controlled the flash output to the a desirable level where I achieved a nice level of shadows without loosing details in the midtones.

In LR4 I created the middle "Golden" version and from the "Golden" version I created the "B/W" version by using a Silver Shadows 2.0 preset (1:12 Sing Song Blues). Those two images I exported to CS5 where the "B/W" was merged with the "Golden" through blend mode "Darken" at opacity 90%.

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