ShoeBox - Day 74

I have over 10.000 digital files - many of which I still need to "develop" in LR. But I also have over 3.000 paper photos that we don't look at anymore as they are hidden away in a "ShoeBox".

Then I read about a new app to iPhone 4 making it possible to convert my analog shoebox to a digital shoebox - only by using my iPhone as a scanner.

Here is the link to the app.

Above photo shows a handfull of paper photos of my daughter Camilla when she was only 2 month old. The top one - me holding Camilla - I then photographed with my iPhone4S. In the ShoeBox app there is some basic editing options like crop, color adjustment and light/shadow adjustment. You can also add a text, a date, a location and tags. In the web application it is possible to invite family members to join the album, build a family tree and upload to Facebook and Twitter.

By why not use a flatbed scanner? The quality of camera phones has increased a lot and the new iPhone 4S offers a 8 MP camera that takes images at a 2448 x 3264 resolution. So a typical 4"x6" (10x15 cm) photo produces a DPI of 550, which is a very high quality.

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