Raadvad Knivfabrik - Day 109

When I was a kid and I was asked to lay the tabel I noticed that the knives had the name "Raadvad" engraved. When we 20 years later moved to Lyngby just north of Copenhagen I located the original "Raadvad Knivfabriker" only 4 kilometers from my home.

As you can see the company "Raadvad Knivfabriker" was established in 1758. A deed of gift from King Frederik V enabled the make over of an old gunpowder mill to one of his loyal valets. This was the starting of a small industrial adventure in Denmark. The company changed name to "Raadvad Knivfabriker" right after World War 1 and the number of products was reduced from over 700 to much less - now only focusing on knives and bread cutters. I think many on my age or older will recognize the following "bread cutter":

In the beginning of the 1970s the production was moved to Jutland. Today the company "Raadvad" is part of Fiskars.

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