What a mess - Day 101

Our home is a mess. The day before we took off for our winter vacation (week 7) a water pipe broke and water was pouring down from our ceiling. After an emergency fix we drove to Austria and two days later we received another call - this time from the security company overlooking our home - that they had responded to an alarm call but found no burglar - only a lot of water inside our home. Another section of the water pipe had broken. From Austria we then tried to manage this rather serious situation with help from our neighbour. This time 50% of the water pipeline was exchanged with new pipes. When we returned home and turned on the water, another part of the remaining old pipe line broke and water came pouring down into our bedroom.

This photo (It's bad - I know) show the entrance to the 50% of our home that where flooded and where most part of ceilings, floors and walls are being dried and repaired. Vivi and I are sleeping in our living room together with all the furniture and stuff we had in all the rooms affected. Believe me - it is a mess.

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