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Viser indlæg fra juni, 2012

Portrait of Camilla with SB-910 - Day 167

I'm writing an article on Nikon Speedlight SB-910 and hence has to experiment with it. Once again I persuaded my daughter to act as a model.

As light modifier both the standard SB-910 diffuser and a white umbrella has been used. Straight out of camera and converted to b/w in LR4. The umbrella is very close to her face giving a wrapping soft light.

Old Toll House - Day 166

Copenhagen has some amazing architecture - old as new in a visual harmony. Personally I like the old restored buildings as their patina is real and architectural design functional.

For this photo I've chosen a dramatic color toning, vignetting and contrast to emphasize the heavy functional construction.

Self Portrait - Day 165

I'm writing a little book about how to use flash in photography. This also involves a lot of experimenting with different set-up - mostly simple set-up that all photographer on a budget can afford.

My standard set-up is a Nikon D300 with a 50mm f/1.4 mounted on a tripod. On another tripod a SB-900 Speedlight (the updated model is named SB-910) is mounted with the standard SB-900 diffuser on and an additional white umbrella. You can also use a SB-700 Speedlight.

I can wireless tricker the SB-900 unit with Nikon's CLS (Creative Lighting System) and using the built in flash og the D300 as commander. But I have chosen to add a Pocket Wizard FlexTT5 to the SB-900 (Receiver) and a Pocket Wizard MiniTT1 (Transmitter) to the D300. On top of the PW MiniTT1 a PW AC3 is mounted (Light Power). In addition I have added a Nikon SD-9 battery pack enabling the SB-900 unit to recharge faster and extending the time the SB-900 unit can operate before battery depletion.

This is a more expensive s…

Container graffiti - Dag 164

Jeg har ikke været god til at opdatere min blog med billederne fra "Projekt 365". Jeg får fotograferet hver dag - som oftes med mit Nikon kamera, men også med min iPhone, hvor billederne så havner på diverse sociale sider såsom FB, Instagram, Foursquare etc. Derfor fortsætte jeg nu med den aktuelle dag (164), og vil så løbende smide ældre "Projekt 365W fotos op på bloggen.

I dag jagtede jeg atter graffitikunst på containere. Disse fotos er en del af et projekt, hvor jeg vil sammensætte en serie på 20 fotos, der forhåbentlig kan blive fremvist i et galleri en dag :-)

Untitled - Day 139-140-141-142