Next 6 months are going to be crucial

Tomorrow we will head home for Denmark after 4 wunderfull weeks at our summer home in Piemont, Italy. It's been a perfect summer with lots of sun and warm weather. Today the temperature reached 33 C in the shadow.

Family and friends have been the center of my attention for the past weeks, but there has also been time for some deep thoughts over my personal situation. It has now 6 months since I stopped as managing director for Strålfors Information Logistics in Denmark and the search for a new job has to be intensified. The job market is still very tough - also on CxO level - so I'm not too optimistic.

On the positive side, the turnover in my e-store - - reached a new monthly record in July. The margins are slim but it's developing in the right direction. My ambition for 2nd half 2012 is to double the monthly average revenue from the first half 2012.

Last - but not least - I have an idea for a new e-commerce company, that I'm investigating.

More to come....

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