Graffiti project & Jan Køhler

One of my photographic passions are the edgy portrait. I'm still experimenting and far from ready to display my work in large scale (I also need more models). But from time to time I meet a person that is comfortable in from of a camera and then it is possible to capture something useful. 
For this photo we were sitting a big a large meeting room where an abundance of natural light was radiating through the windows. But instead of using the natural light as the main light source I used it as a heavy back light source. I had no flash with me so to prevent Jan's face to become completely dark I increased the ISO to 12.500 and shot at 1/250 sec at f/8.0. Even with ISO 12.500 the digital noise was low (D800 rocks) and I used a vintage preset from NIC Silver Efe Pro 2 to twist the portrait in the edgy direction.

My current photographic projet is capturing graffiti art on metal surfaces and combining then to a 3 x Triptych (Nine photos in total). Here is two candidates to Graffiti Triptych II.

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