Linkedin Portrait Photo

Your Linkedin profile need to be up-to-data and tailored towards "opening doors" for new opportunities. This also include your profile photo. The visual first impression is an extremely important element when your Linkedin profile are being viewed.

My former colleague Peter Bausager - who is looking for a new job - decided that he needed a new portrait photo to be used on Linkedin, other on-line platforms and in his CV.

If a portrait has to function well on platforms like Linkedin, the face has to fill the major part of the frame. I like to work with natural light and a fill flash, which enables me to work fast and still create some interesting shadows and a catch light. The back drop can be neutral or "busy" but need to be out of focus so it helps frame the face. I'm a fan of the 4:3 format and compose according to the "rule of third".

Here is some examples from the shoot with Peter Bausager. If you are living in Denmark and would like me to shoot your portrait, then email me.

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