Portrait of Peter Johannesen

Yesterday was a busy day with three portrait shoots. It was a fantastic experience and we all had a blast doing what we love.
My clients wanted a more traditional facial photo for their CV and online presence and my daughters  client wanted us to be creative with light and various posing expressions.

I also had a chance to test a V-Flat proto type, that I'm developing with a partner. More information on this product will soon be available.

We used a white seamless back drop and two Elinchrom studio lights (D-Lite 2/4). Five Elinchrom light shapers was in action: a square soft box, a strip soft box, a beauty dish, a silver reflector with grid and a silver reflector.

Here are three photos from the session with Peter Johannesen.

Do you need a new portrait photo for a CV or your on-line presence, then give me a call at +4540528090 or mail me at lars.kirstein 'at'

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