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Portrait of Peter Johannesen

Yesterday was a busy day with three portrait shoots. It was a fantastic experience and we all had a blast doing what we love.
My clients wanted a more traditional facial photo for their CV and online presence and my daughters  client wanted us to be creative with light and various posing expressions.

I also had a chance to test a V-Flat proto type, that I'm developing with a partner. More information on this product will soon be available.

We used a white seamless back drop and two Elinchrom studio lights (D-Lite 2/4). Five Elinchrom light shapers was in action: a square soft box, a strip soft box, a beauty dish, a silver reflector with grid and a silver reflector.

Here are three photos from the session with Peter Johannesen.

Do you need a new portrait photo for a CV or your on-line presence, then give me a call at +4540528090 or mail me at lars.kirstein 'at' me.com.

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Architectural Cubism - Day 106

A new office building in the northern part of Copenhagen. I'm getting more into architectural photography and with CS6 it is easy to correct "falling lines" perspective errors. The outer walls are forming a moire pattern when photographed. Imaging how this would look if I used a Nikon D800E instead of my old Nikon D300 :-)

Equipment: Nikon D300 with AF Nikkor 20mm f/2.8.
Exposure: 1/1000 sec at f/7.1, 0EV, ISO 200

Mia Blichfeldt

Sometimes you get lucky. I shot this natural portrait of Mia Blichfeldt - a very gifted and up-coming badminton player at a private party - just a month before she became the youngest Danish Champion in Badminton in the senior league - and she is only 16!

Of course you can find many photos of Mia "in action", but only very few where she is being just herself - outside the badminton arena.

Portrait of executive for LinkedIN and CV

Finn has some strong facial features that fits well to a high contrast b&w photo. I asked Finn to pose facing both with the left and right side tilting his face slightly to give him som options depending on where the photo need to be uploaded.

The we tried a more direct pose showing his strong hands and with less contrast.

If you live near Copenhagen give me a ping if you want a new set of portrait photos for your CV or LinkedIN.