I'm 54 years old. Where did all those years go? I still feel 30 years younger - and that is good - I suppose.

I'm a fairly talented photographer. After 30 years of practicing photography I think I can claim that without sounding to self-centered. Chess is also a passion of mine and when I grow old I'll start to play this wonderful game on club level again. I have participated in the Danish Championship in Correspondance Chess and played on our national CC team. 

I also love math and computer science. Studied it for two years at the university, but had to stop as my interest drifted towards a more commercial education. After three years at Århus Business School I had a BA in Business Economics and some years later I added a MBA from Copenhagen Business School (CBS). For more than 10 years I've been a tutor for E-MBA and fulltime MBA students at CBS.

My business career has unfolded in the following exiting companies. Commodore Data (yes - I'm that old), Acer, Tech Data, Bang & Olufsen, Martin Professional and Strålfors. I've met many fantastic people on this journey and many has become my friends. Please read my full business profile on LinkedIN.

My great passion is photography. I love taking photos and working with people and light. It all started some 30 years ago. My first SLR camera was a Pentax K2. Then followed two Olympus SLR's - the OM10 and the professional SLR OM2n, which I still own and use! Long live film photography.

I entered the digital world with a Nikon D70s and started to expand my collection of lenses and light equipment. My work horse for the past 4 years has been a Nikon D300. Now the fantastic Nikon D800 has taken over this role and a Nikon D600 has been added as a back-up camera.

In addition I have a large collection of analogue Nikon SLR's in mint conditions. I still shoot with my beloved Nikon F3.

Please visit Flickr to see more of my photography work and my Lars Kirstin Photography for some of my best work.

Feel free to comment on my blogging and thank you for stopping by and reading this :-)

June 2015
Lars Kirstein