A photographic classifieds and auction site for photographers

Buy And Sell Cameras
I just found this on-line photographic auction site. It's still in its infancy but everything seems to work fine and many interesting auctions are already taking place.


Google’s OpenSocial: What it means...

Google’s OpenSocial: What it means by ZDNet's Dan Farber -- Google’s open social networking platform play is the buzz of the blogosphere tonight. (see Techmeme). Indeed, it is called OpenSocial in that the set of APIs allows developers to create applications that work on any social network that joins Google’s open party. So far, besides Google’s Orkut social net, LinkedIn, hi5, XING, Friendster, Plaxo and [...]

Community Networks versus Social Networks

Google (GOOG) has just bought Jaiku, a Finland-based mobile IM and presence company.
In the recent period many articles has touched upon sites like Jaiku, FaceBook, and LinkedIn etc and labeled them "social networks". But in my opinion they can't be classified as social network, but more as "free end-user driven virtual community networks" as real contact between members are rare.
Real social networks are a description of a "professional real life and closed company specific social networks" where real contacts between members are what the software displays and analyse on.

Herald Tribune - 2007 in pictures

Follow this link to see the 58 photos Herald Tribune has selected as most memorable for 2007.


Visit to Miami, US

End October to November 2nd I visited our office in Miami. One day we passed the beach and I just had to take a few photos from this location.

Visit to Japan

November 19-21 I visited Japan and Tokyo for the first time. The purpose was to spend a couple of days together with our partner in Japan - Martin Professional Japan - and their dedicated team.
Together with my guide - Yamami - I also saw some fantastic examples of exiting light concepts for full facade/building branding.
Follow the link below to see some photos from this trip.