Casa Galeazzo

For many years Vivi and I have been searching for a home in Italy. Our search has come to an end. In Piemonte, close to Aqui Terme, we have just bought this beautiful house. It has a fabulous history going back long before WW2. But it received its name from Gian Galeazzo Ciano, Count of Cortellazzo and Buccari (March 18, 1903 – January 11, 1944), Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Benito Mussolini's son-in-law, who used the house in certain periods during WW2. There is a rumor that the house also served as a regional HQ for the Italian resistance.
You can read more about Count Galeazzo here.
I have enclosed two pictures showing the ruins of the original house and how it looks today.

I'll try to dig more into the past history of this house, but I have to learn to speak Italian first :-)

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