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Viser indlæg fra september, 2013

Self Portrait - Dodge & Burn Look

Retouching a portrait always involve some dodging and burning during post processing. If you want to enhance facial form by the use of light and shadow, the "Dodge & Burn" on a 50% grey layer is very effective. The german photographer and Photoshop master - Calvin Hollywood - has made a tutorial where he demonstrates a fast method to achieve an automatic dodge & burn effect.

Mysterious Nature

You don't have to travel far to find amazing photographic opportunities. Close to where I live (Lyngby near Copenhagen) we have small streams with slow clean water. Time is in a capsule here. I just love to find beauty in the nature that surrounds me. As we don't have mountains and valleys I have to zoom in on the grandness of the ordinary.

"Quick Portrait" shoot on location at the company "Detail Karriere"

UPDATE: Here are the four portraits that the client chose for the home page (www.detailkarriere.dk) and their Facebook company page. The photos will soon show on those locations: Original post: At this job I had to shoot four people while they took a break from work. The set-up is similar to the one described in the previous blog post. The main light is two SB-910 shot through a white umbrella and a silver reflector acted as fill light. We shot against a white wall. I used a Nikon D800 with AF-S 24-70mm f/2.8G. Post processing done in Lightroom 5 and Silver Efex Pro2. The total picture count was around 40. The shoot took 1 hour and post processing 2-3 hours. I delivered app. 25 photos for the first review. Four examples are shown here. Only a b/w version was ordered. This is not the final version. As soon as the client has selected the photos they want to use, I will align the tonality profile and format. I still have to improve my Lightroom workflo

Business Portrait - Finn Wichmann Lund

I'm finally returning to my blog after a while - nearly 6 month. There are several reasons for this, but let's not focus on trivia around securing an income - let's focus on the exiting process of creating portraits. Today I had the pleasure of photographing my good friend Finn Wichmann Lund , as he needed a straight forward business portrait for Linkedin and other "official" web pages / documents. I call this "Quick Portrait" as the set-up is really fast. I use two Nikon SB-910 attached to a Lastolite Professional A2412 Triflash bracket mounted on a Manfrotto 5001B Tripod. As a diffusor I use a standard shoot through white umbrella. On each Nikon SB-910 speedlight I attach a PocketWizard Flex TT5. On my Nikon D800 with AF-S 24-70mm f/2.8 I mount a PocketWizard MiniTT1 and an AC3. To reflect some light back I use a Silver California Sunbouncer. The camera is in Aperture priority mode, ISO 100, f/7.1. I´m shooting against a white wall. The RAW fil