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Viser indlæg fra november, 2012

Photographer John Crawford (NZ) - Arial photos of naked wife.

Twitter is a fabulous social media giving me access to a wast amount of interesting people and topics related to photography. Lately though I've been unsubscribing a lot to focus on a selected few twitters who doesn't spam their twitter feed and who distributes interesting insight and knowledge through links or own work. @thomashawk posted a twit with the following head line "Husband takes bird's-eye view photos of his naked wife" and a link to a New Zealand based photographer by the name John Crawford . Of course this headline caught my attention :-) - but it also lead me to a great photographer, who has been around for many years.  The set Arial Photos  was made in the good old analogue days, and the sheer effort it must have taken to orchestrate one photo is impressive by all standards.  John Crawford states that his aim is to capture images that have a high degree of interest and contrast,don’t look too technical, and are easy to look at an

Elizabeth Gilbert: Your elusive creative genius

Fantastic TED talk by author Elizabeth Gilbert about the spiritual source of creativity shaping a genius.

Back in the game...

After 10 months pondering about the effect of the global recession on the domestic job market, I'm finally back in the game. January 2nd 2013 I'll start as CEO at Danimex Communication A/S in the wonderful city of Sønderborg (where I'm born). I'm really exited about this challenge. Danimex has tapped into a market with a huge global growth potential - whether it revolves around delivering a single satellite phone for an arctic expedition oran entire wireless infrastructure for a developing country. While walking with my dog Lucca I passed this lonely leaf coming to life as the early morning sunlight radiates through it. I feel the same way.

Portrait of Celine Bausager

I'm still a novice within portrait photography but I just loves making unique portraits of all kind of people. Working with young female models like Celine demands a completely different approach than working with male models. This was not supposed to be a dramatic portrait, so I chose to work with soft shadows and an Elinchrom Minisoft-44 beauty dish as main light and a Elicnhrom silver reflector 18 cm with grid from above right as a kicker to add highlight to the hair. I just love the light coming from a beauty dish. Look at her eyes. They just sparkle. All post processing was conducted in LR4. Nikon D800 with Sigma 70-200mm f/2.8 1/100 sec at f/9.0, 0EV, ISO 100, 170mm

Portrait of Peter Johannesen

Yesterday was a busy day with three portrait shoots. It was a fantastic experience and we all had a blast doing what we love. My clients wanted a more traditional facial photo for their CV and online presence and my daughters  client wanted us to be creative with light and various posing expressions. I also had a chance to test a V-Flat proto type, that I'm developing with a partner. More information on this product will soon be available. We used a white seamless back drop and two Elinchrom studio lights (D-Lite 2/4). Five Elinchrom light shapers was in action: a square soft box, a strip soft box, a beauty dish, a silver reflector with grid and a silver reflector. Here are three photos from the session with Peter Johannesen. Do you need a new portrait photo for a CV or your on-line presence, then give me a call at +4540528090 or mail me at lars.kirstein 'at' me.com.