Social Network Analysis (SNA)

The many social network relations within an organization are getting increasingly more important. The increasing task complexity and the need for more delegation of responsibility and power to implementation will demand strong and well functioning social relations among all employees.
A social network within a company is a well respected factor, but it’s not commonly known that it is possible to conduct systematic surveys and measure the social networks through the use of SNA (Social Network Analysis).
Especially in Holland, United Kingdom and USA, SNA is a common BI-tool for the management. With the knowledge and insight that SNA provides it is possible to understand the roles of social networks in the organization and based on that make decisions with strategic implications.
It is also a fact that a social network is created among members of the organization and outside the normal organizational structures and outside management control, which makes it even more important to investigate and understand those social networks and make this a part of the management responsibility.
Social network is the most important starting point to create and exploit the knowledge that eventually will make a company grow and survive.


I have accepted to become chairman of the board at EURONOME - a danish software company focusing on developing Business Intelligence software tools giving the management the ability to recognize social networks within an organization.

Many companies draw their organization diagram in the old fashion way (top down tree structure), but the true organization of the work force and the true relationship among individuals and groups are much more complex and therefore difficult to understand.
It is our mission to develop software tools that enables management and other interest groups within a company (i.e. HR-department or sales department) to fully understand the “organic” social networks constantly developing between employees and also between employees and the outside world (customers, suppliers, competitors etc.), with whom they interact and communicate.

Casa Galeazzo

For many years Vivi and I have been searching for a home in Italy. Our search has come to an end. In Piemonte, close to Aqui Terme, we have just bought this beautiful house. It has a fabulous history going back long before WW2. But it received its name from Gian Galeazzo Ciano, Count of Cortellazzo and Buccari (March 18, 1903 – January 11, 1944), Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Benito Mussolini's son-in-law, who used the house in certain periods during WW2. There is a rumor that the house also served as a regional HQ for the Italian resistance.
You can read more about Count Galeazzo here.
I have enclosed two pictures showing the ruins of the original house and how it looks today.

I'll try to dig more into the past history of this house, but I have to learn to speak Italian first :-)



The movie "Gladiator" is on my personal top 10 over the best movies ever made. Many might differ with me, but I'm a great fan of Russell Crowe, Danish actor Connie Nielen and the Rome Empire history. The fact that the hero dies and its not possible to follow up with a Gladiator II and III is also an important factor. But then there is the soundtrack. It just gives you goose bums (especially on a pair of BeoLab 5!)


Gadget focus

One of my colleagues was so kind to catch me in a moment, where I felt a bit tired. But as the observant reader may notice I'm not tired but only very focussed on my new gadget - the Nokia E61 mobile phone :-)