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Viser indlæg fra februar, 2015

Fotojob: GTS Nordic

Working as a professional photographer is rewarding. Not two work situations are alike, and you get to meet interesting people. :-) Recently I was asked to shoot both some pack shots (various "dead" objects) and a male model in various work situations in the office of the company - GTS Nordic - who is a service provider of employment and payroll solutions. They help both Danish and international companies and expats with compliance when having temporary work in Denmark. I faced two challenges - the lighting set-up and the 16:9 format often used for modern webpages. For the lighting set-up I used two Elinchrome compact flash units and some soft boxes: Elinchrome D-Lite-it 2/4 To Go Kit + ELS Transmitter Elinchrom Portalight Softbox Elinchrom EL-Strip 33 x 175 cm My Nikon D800 is set to M-mode and exposure is set to ISO 100, 1/60 - 1/80 sec and somewhere between f/7.1 - f/16. It is all about trying to place the light in various angles to the subject