Fotojob: GTS Nordic

Working as a professional photographer is rewarding. Not two work situations are alike, and you get to meet interesting people. :-)

Recently I was asked to shoot both some pack shots (various "dead" objects) and a male model in various work situations in the office of the company - GTS Nordic - who is a service provider of employment and payroll solutions. They help both Danish and international companies and expats with compliance when having temporary work in Denmark.

I faced two challenges - the lighting set-up and the 16:9 format often used for modern webpages.

For the lighting set-up I used two Elinchrome compact flash units and some soft boxes:
  • Elinchrome D-Lite-it 2/4 To Go Kit + ELS Transmitter
  • Elinchrom Portalight Softbox
  • Elinchrom EL-Strip 33 x 175 cm
My Nikon D800 is set to M-mode and exposure is set to ISO 100, 1/60 - 1/80 sec and somewhere between f/7.1 - f/16. It is all about trying to place the light in various angles to the subject to achieve the desired light effect. My main task was to get the light correct on the skin of the model, and an even light on the pack shots, where the shot of the rocket also need some nice reflections.

The I had to frame the picture so as to leave enough free space around the model enabling a cropped 16:9 photo.

Above three photos are only a small subset of the final images that where delivered to the client. Post production was not done by me. Please visit the webpage of GTS Nordic and see how the photos turned out and how they have chosen to apply them. I'm satisfied with the result.