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Viser indlæg fra januar, 2014

Analog Efex Pro - a new addition to the Nik Collection

It's no secret - I'm a big fan of the Nik Collection  from Google. And recently a new addition to this collection has been made - Analog Efex Pro .  The GUI of all programs in the Nik Collection is simple and very intuitive to use - but once you start playing around with the controls and see just how subtle the small tweaks can be, you realize the true power of this collection.  The GUI of the Analog Efex Pro is no exception. It's fun to select an analog camera preset from the list (Classic Camera, Wet Plate, Toy Camera, Vintage Camera) or select the "Camera Kit" and design your own preset. Create professionally stylized images by picking a preset, then diving in to fine-tune your approach. Adjust bokeh, textures, frames and other elements, then pinpoint the location of your effects with precise on-image controls. And additional cameras, films, bells, and whistles will be added. Below is another example: