Portrait Shoot for a website - Day 18

Today I was on a photo assignment. One of my friends has asked me to photograph a portrait for a website. Hence we need a green back drop to make all but the person transparent. I made the green back drop out of 9 pieces af A3 sized paper (total cost $14). In Photoshop I will then erase the green back drop. More about this technique in another article - I'm currently improving my skills for this process in CS5.

Here you can see my home studio set-up:

I use two Elinchrom D-Lite flash units - one with a rim light softbox (200w) and one with a beauty dish with diffuser (400w). At some point I had even a SB-900 and a SB-600 included in the set-up and controlled through PocketWizards. In the camera hot shoe the remote tricker for both the Elinchrom flash units and the PocketWizards where mounted.

For this photo I removed the green back drop and used a platin colored back drop.

I'm satisfied with the light distribution. There are two catch lights in her eyes - one from the softbox and one from the beauty dish. I placed the beauty dish above her head to create shadows on one side of her face.

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