Mono Lars - Day 33

Time for a self portrait again. This conversion - from a standard color raw file to a mono version with punch - is made 100% in Lightroom. To start with I made it much more gritty but felt that it didn't look that nice on me. No presets have been used. I also used the "Adjustment Bruch" with "Auto Mask" to paint the back drop brighter.

The original photo is here - straight out of the camera.

And here you have the home studio set-up to make this photo.

The set-up is a Nikon D300 with a AF 50mm f/1.4. A PW MiniTT1 and PW AC3 is mounted in the flash hot shoe so it is possible to control the flash output of the SB-900 mounted on a PW FlexTT5 and shooting into a silver umbrella.
The D300 settings where: ISO 200, M-mode, exposure 1/125 sec f/5.6 as a starting point. I soon realized I hade to go to f/7.1 to get more DoF sharpness. The PW AC3 I started of on the lowest output value and the increase by one stop a time until I reased a reading on the histogram that looked ok without any clippings. I'm using a plain white wall a back drop. The D300 is remotely controlled by the cable release Nikon MC-36.

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