Exercise your body and mind - Day 83

Yesterday my good friends Finn and Peter joined me for a ride stretching 90 km during 3.5 hours (with breaks). It was a fantastic ride. We started in sunshine from Lyngby and hit the seldom phenomenon sea fog when we reached the city Hornbæk located at the north coast of Zealand and the temperature dropped 5 degrees (C). On the way back along the coast towards Copenhagen the sun reemerged and then Finn had a puncture. Fixing a puncture is a necessary skill that need to be trained to perfection. During a race - where your final time is on stake - fixing a puncture must go swift. The spirit where high during the whole ride and we shared 3.5 perfect hours together exercising our body and mind while riding with the wind and sun in our face. Eventhough I'm between jobs or maybe exactly therefore I feel like ending this story with a small quote:

”Det er de færreste der, når de ligger på dødslejet, fortryder, at de ikke brugte flere timer på kontoret.”

"Only few people, when on the deathbed, do regret that they didn't spend more hours at the office"

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