Color Gels - Day 15

Today I've made a test of all the color gels that was delivered with the HONL kit of light modifies for Nikon Speedlight. Here is the set I bought:

All items fit into a small black bag. It contains two large modifies in gold, silver and black that can be shaped like a snoot or a bounce card, a smaller light modified in silver, two barn doors in white and gold, two honeycomb grids, two speedstraps and a set of color gels - two of each color. 

Okay - I chose a simple set-up. A white piece of paper, where i placed a small white sculpture. My Nikon D300 with AF-S 18-70mm f/3.5-4.5G ED lens was mounted on a tripod. A SP-900 was connected to the camera with a SC-29 cable enabling me to handhold the flash and control the light path. 

Color correction is a process used photography and other disciplines, the intention of which is to alter the overall color of the light. Without color correction gels, a scene may have a mix of various colors. Applying color correction gels in front of light sources can alter the color of the various light sources to match.
Gels are also used to make a scene appear more natural by simulating the mix of color temperatures that occur naturally. Color gels may also be used to tint lights for artistic effect, which is what I have done in this little test.

Let's start with a photo without any color gel - just the honeycomb grid (narrow beam). I have made no alteration to the photo in LR.

From now on I referring to the names that HONL has given their gels.

Just Blue:

1/2 CTB (Color Temperature Blue):

Moss Green:

Full +Green:

Bright Red:

Medium Yellow:

Heavy Frost:

1/4 CTO (Color Temperature Orange):

1/2 CTO (Color Temperature Orange):

1/1 CTO (Color Temperature Orange):

The main color correction gels are CTB (Color Temperature Blue) and CTO (Color Temperature Orange). A CTB gel converts tungsten light of 3200K to 'daylight' color. A CTO gel performs the reverse. Gels that remove the green cast of fluorescent lights are called minus green. Gels that add a green cast are called plus green. A 1/2 CTO gel is half the strength of a (full) CTO gel.

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