Two Paths - Day 64

Days are going by - time is flying - we are getting older - the world is moving. Tic Tac Tic Tac.

My professional career has come to a halt and it's time to reflect about the possibilities that opens up in such a situation. It's been a month since I stopped at Strålfors and all days (and some nights) has been used to reflect upon this situation. I've chosen to follow the obvious path - find a new job - and all my network is being activated. But another path has slowly emerged - and to no ones surprise - this path evolves around photography. I'm not talking about becoming a photographer, but to become part of the industry. Tomorrow I'll fly to Stockholm to meet some interesting people who successfully has opened a photography museum in Stockholm - - and I'm going to here about their project and journey.

The photo that I shot this afternoon in the woods nearby my home symbolise the break from Strålfors and the two new paths that I've chosen to follow.

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