B/W photos from antique market in Nizza, Italy

A series of b/w photos of old tools from the Nizza Antique Market in Nizza Monferrato.

Why not create a composite photo?

Hmmmm - it's summertime and I'm on vacation in Italy. Plenty of time to experiment with Photoshop. I read an article on LENSCRATCH about the Japanese photographer Michiko Makino and her stunning composite or double exposure photos.

This photo is an experiment of mine trying to create something special with a base photo (see previous blog article) and nine identical photos of a another flower subject blended in two different ways.

If we don't experiment - we don't learn and evolve as a photographer and artist.


Why not try manual focus?

I've been photographing for over 30 years - and for the past 8 years it has been primarily digital. And with the constant improvement in the AF-system of DSLRs that fit nearly every situation and equipment combination I have not given manual focus a lot of thoughts.

Yesterday during the golden hours - while walking in the beautiful surroundings of my home in Italy looking for suitable subjects for nature close-ups (not macro) - I found it difficult to rely on the AF-system of my Nikon D800 for various reasons (light, physical positioning, wind etc.) 
I set the AF-S 24-70mm f/2.8 lens to manual focus. And from that point on I just kept shooting focusing on getting the right exposure and the best framing rather than making the AF-system lock-in so I could take a photo. 

I'm now ready to try manual focus while doing portrait photography.


Old photos from Italy or...

I took those photos in July 2013 while visiting a restaurant nearby our Italian home - Casa Galeazzo.
The new Analog Efex Pro 2 has a range of old camera profiles - and among those you find the very interesting "Wet Plate" effect. You have a multitude of control methods to alter the appearance of the wet plate effect, so it is possible to develop your own wet plate style.

PetaPixel made a good review of this new addition to the Google Nik Collection.


Nikon Coolpix A - a compact wonder

Nikon Coolpix A is my traveller companion. I don't bring my D800 anymore. Beside the tack sharp files straight out of the camera I'm impressed with its ability to hit the correct white balance each time and the color reproduction. The colors are just spot on - not too saturated our pale. Especially skin colors are realistic.

The photo my beautiful wife Vivi is a good example of a "snap shot" I took at a train station. Exposure = 1/125 sec f/4.5, 0 EV, ISO 100. Bang - no sharpening or other correction (except Lens Correction) in Lightroom.

If you are shooting D700, D600, D610, D800, D3 or D4. Buy a Nikon Coolpix A as your traveling companion. It is worth every dollar.


Miller Mobley

On the growing list of portrait photographer that I admire - the young an very talented Miller Mobley has just been added. The enclosed portrait og late Philip Seymour Hoffman is a good example of a composition and perfect light technique that emphasizes a unique personality and personal situation.


Mia Blichfeldt

Sometimes you get lucky. I shot this natural portrait of Mia Blichfeldt - a very gifted and up-coming badminton player at a private party - just a month before she became the youngest Danish Champion in Badminton in the senior league - and she is only 16!

Of course you can find many photos of Mia "in action", but only very few where she is being just herself - outside the badminton arena.


Analog Efex Pro - a new addition to the Nik Collection

It's no secret - I'm a big fan of the Nik Collection from Google. And recently a new addition to this collection has been made - Analog Efex Pro
The GUI of all programs in the Nik Collection is simple and very intuitive to use - but once you start playing around with the controls and see just how subtle the small tweaks can be, you realize the true power of this collection. 

The GUI of the Analog Efex Pro is no exception. It's fun to select an analog camera preset from the list (Classic Camera, Wet Plate, Toy Camera, Vintage Camera) or select the "Camera Kit" and design your own preset. Create professionally stylized images by picking a preset, then diving in to fine-tune your approach. Adjust bokeh, textures, frames and other elements, then pinpoint the location of your effects with precise on-image controls.

And additional cameras, films, bells, and whistles will be added.

Below is another example: