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Time for more mergers in the photography retail sector?

Today it was announced that two of the largest photography retailers in the UK - Calumet and Wex Photography - has decided to merge. This event was initiated by the acquisition of Wex Photography by the owner of Calumet - Aurelius.

The photography industry has always been slow to adapt to changes in consumer behavior and market conditions. In Denmark this is quiet obvious through the poor performance of many small and independant photography retailers. Tools like PriceRunner is forcing prices down to zero-margin level faster than you can say "please buy from me I have the new product in stock" after a new product has been launched.
Consumers are not necessary loyal to a specific retailer and will shop around if they can save 10€ on a camera, a lens or any other photography equipment. It doesn't have to been an expensive purchase for the discount hunters to go for the cheapest retailer.

As a solution photography retailers has established their own purchasing company - co…
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Thoughts on the smartphone industry

I have just posted two articles on LinkedIN with some reflections on the smartphone industry

Is the luxury smartphone market dead?

We need to define new segments in the smartphone market

They only takes 5 minuttes to read. Please drop a comment also :-)

Be serious about your LinkedIN profile photo

I use LinkedIN - the business world's social media - every day. And 8 out of 10 times a profile is accompanied by a very bad "selfie" taken with a bad mobile phone camera. Funny selfies or snapshots belong to Facebook. If you are serious about your professional life and LinkedIN profile then you not only curate the text but also go for a professional profile portrait - as you would look to a job interview or at a meeting with a big client.

Inger Marie Jensen - who I know from my tenue at Copenhagen Business School where we both has been involved in the Executive MBA-program, asked my to "do a proper business portrait".

The lighting set-up is simple: Using an Elinchrome D-Lite-it 2/4 To Go Kit I mounted a beauty dish as main/key light and a rectangular soft box to lighten the back drop from left to right adding a light fall off to her left side and creating a soft gradient. Equipment wise I used a Nikon D810/MB-D12 and a Sigma AF 70-200mm f/2.8. The back drop i…

Three beautiful girls

Family portrait for mother-father and grand parents. Shot at my home studio in Hørsholm. Give me a call or an email if you need a portrait done - either for personal use or as a gift.

Photographer to watch

Portrait photography is my big passion. I still have a lot to learn from other photographer. so I'm always on the look for inspiration among fellow photographers - amateurs as professionals.

I got a new follower on Twitter. That is always nice :-) His name is Aaron Anderson. I went straight to his portfolio and was blown away, Just my style og superb handling of light and retouching.

Aaron Andersen blog
Aaron Andersen portfolio

Check Point Charlie - fotograferet med DxO One

Det er bidende koldt i Berlin. Datoen er den 2. januar 2016 og jeg tilbringer et par dage her for at lade op til de mange udfordringer i det nye år vil byde på. Jeg har besøgt Berlin et par gange tidligere, men aldrig set Check Point Charlie, så dette var et af mine første mål.

Med mig bringer jeg ikke alt det tunge og avancerede Nikon DSLR udstyr - men blot min iPhone og det nye DxO One kamera, der monteres på iPhone.

DxO er mest kendt for deres omfattende test af objektiver og kameraer. Men nu har de lavet deres eget kamera specifikt til iPhone! Kvaliteten er meget høj og størrelsen meget kompakt, som du kan se på billedet ovenfor. Nu har iPhone jo selv et udemærket kamera - så hvorfor sætte et ekstern kamera til din iPhone? Det er der flere årsager til som alle har med billedkvalitet at gøre. DxO One kameraet er udstyret med en 1-tomme sensor fra Sony på 20.2 MP samt et 32mm-svarende f/1.8 objektiv med en 6-bladet blænde. Vægten er kun 108 gram og højden kun 6.7 cm. DxO One er der…


Portrætfotografering er en af mine fotografiske interesser. Derfor var det ned spænding, at jeg på Lousiana købte fotobogen "MÆND" med portrætter taget af fotografen Robin Skjoldborg.

Magen til unik samling af intense mandlige portrætter skal man lede længe efter. Meget inspirerende. Billeder af musikere og skuespillere er ligeledes ledsaget at interessant tekster.

Robin mestre det intense og dragende element i sine portrætter. Man har svært ved at slippe billedet.

Bravo - en dansk fotobog, som alle portrætfotografer bør unde dig selv som inspirationskilde.

Photo assignment: Gro Coaching

Coaching is a very personal interaction between two people - the trusted adviser and the answer seeking person, who need guidance.

This assignment was a series of photos to be used on a company webpage. Gro Coaching is advising teenagers and hence the photos has to signal a calm, relaxed and easy environment.

The gross photo collection was app. 250 photos. My first sorting reduced this to 218 photos. The client selected 18 for the final delivery. My task was not to crop - just to do basic adjustments and exposure corrections.

I used a Nikon D800 with two SB-910, soft box on one flash (direct light) and the built-in diffuser on the second flash (indirect light to the wall). Both flash was controlled by PocketWizard Flex TT + MiniTT1 + AC3.