Portrætfotografering er en af mine fotografiske interesser. Derfor var det ned spænding, at jeg på Lousiana købte fotobogen "MÆND" med portrætter taget af fotografen Robin Skjoldborg.

Magen til unik samling af intense mandlige portrætter skal man lede længe efter. Meget inspirerende. Billeder af musikere og skuespillere er ligeledes ledsaget at interessant tekster.

Robin mestre det intense og dragende element i sine portrætter. Man har svært ved at slippe billedet.

Bravo - en dansk fotobog, som alle portrætfotografer bør unde dig selv som inspirationskilde.


Photo assignment: Gro Coaching

Coaching is a very personal interaction between two people - the trusted adviser and the answer seeking person, who need guidance.

This assignment was a series of photos to be used on a company webpage. Gro Coaching is advising teenagers and hence the photos has to signal a calm, relaxed and easy environment.

The gross photo collection was app. 250 photos. My first sorting reduced this to 218 photos. The client selected 18 for the final delivery. My task was not to crop - just to do basic adjustments and exposure corrections.

I used a Nikon D800 with two SB-910, soft box on one flash (direct light) and the built-in diffuser on the second flash (indirect light to the wall). Both flash was controlled by PocketWizard Flex TT + MiniTT1 + AC3.


Photo assignment: GTS Nordic

Working as a professional photographer is rewarding. Not two work situations are alike, and you get to meet interesting people. :-)

Recently I was asked to shoot both some pack shots (various "dead" objects) and a male model in various work situations in the office of the company - GTS Nordic - who is a service provider of employment and payroll solutions. They help both Danish and international companies and expats with compliance when having temporary work in Denmark.

I faced two challenges - the lighting set-up and the 16:9 format often used for modern webpages.

For the lighting set-up I used two Elinchrome compact flash units and some soft boxes:
  • Elinchrome D-Lite-it 2/4 To Go Kit + ELS Transmitter
  • Elinchrom Portalight Softbox
  • Elinchrom EL-Strip 33 x 175 cm
My Nikon D800 is set to M-mode and exposure is set to ISO 100, 1/60 - 1/80 sec and somewhere between f/7.1 - f/16. It is all about trying to place the light in various angles to the subject to achieve the desired light effect. My main task was to get the light correct on the skin of the model, and an even light on the pack shots, where the shot of the rocket also need some nice reflections.

The I had to frame the picture so as to leave enough free space around the model enabling a cropped 16:9 photo.

Above three photos are only a small subset of the final images that where delivered to the client. Post production was not done by me. Please visit the webpage of GTS Nordic and see how the photos turned out and how they have chosen to apply them. I'm satisfied with the result.


Morning impressions from "Dyrehaven", Copenhagen

Winter has finally arrived in Denmark, and the sun rose at 8.39 today. So I grabbed my trusted Nikon D800 and mounted the new Sigma AF 24-105mm f/4 ART and went to "Dyrehaven" - a public park and animal reservat - north of Copenhagen for some - hopefully - beautiful winter morning photographs.

You be my judge.


A Ghost From The Past...

A ghost from the past just entered my life and hindered an interesting possibility, that could have ment a lot to my future - both professional and as a human.

It is mind boggling as past "mistakes" can haunt you for a lifetime. Is it fair that one human, that I interacted with many years ago and with whom you might not have been in agreement over "strategic and operational issues" still can make sure, that when an exiting opportunity arise - it suddenly disappear again due to "the ghost from the past" whispering some words?

We are but floating leaves on the stream of life, and both past and present direct your future. That is a fact I have to accept and now have felt directly.


SnapScan 9000 - be prepared for a laugh

Can you guess who the nice young man is in the image? It is me as a high school student - important years - where my passion for photography really took off. My god - 35 years has passed since those happy years.

I have just scanned b/w negatives and color slides from these years, and it has been hilarious to see the pictures again. Since many of the images are not something to boast about, the mission was only to get the old negatives and slides converted to digital format. Since I have many pictures from my analog years this conversion process must also go quickly.

Therefore I have just tested JOBO Snapscan 9000. It took med just 5 minutes to unpack it and set up. The scanning process is extremely simple. You install an SD card in the scanner, and then feed negatives or slides into the scanner by the help of various rails and frames - one at a time. The scan process only takes 4 seconds per negative / slide. The scanner has some simple correction options such as built-in color correction (step 6), exposure compensation (6 steps) and rotation, but as such is not intended to edit the picture.

Snapscan 9000 uses a 9 MP CMOS sensor and scanned at 2400 dpi (10 bits per color channel). This does not generate super high resolution but since the objective is convert several thousand negatives and slides into digital form so that they can be displayed on a monitor, then 2400 dpi is sufficient.
On the small 2.4 "screen you can see a preview of the image and if it looks good you click the big red button. Four seconds later, the scan is completed.

The scanner has USB 2.0 and TV-out output. It is very compact with a size of 82 x 6 x 152 mm and weight of 410 grams. Manual in English, German, French and Swedish is included.

But the next photo is proof that Snapscan actually can deliver a great result. It was captured recently with my Nikon FE on Ilford FP4 Plus.

So - if you hold many negatives or slides, then it might be a good idea to purchase a JOBO Snapscan 9000 and have those memories digitized, so you can have a laugh at how silly we looked when we were young and invincible.


Fall is here - a life changing event happened

I'm 53 years old. Yet another year is coming to an end. Some weeks ago our little family was hit by a life changing event as my wife got ill. Everything stopped - I was in chock - we are not immortal and will live forever - as young people or people with a young mind are inclined to believe. I'm sure my wife will overcome this illness, but our family has stopped up for a brief moment to reflect upon our life and way of living.

One of my many reflections can be comprised into one sentence - "Don't waste time". It sound banal but priorities must change when you realize that life has an expiration date. Maximize time with the ones you love and have fun while working.