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Yellow & Red - Where is my creativity? - Day 124

What is creativity? The above photo is not about creativity, but about good skills within photography and the ability to creata a "Ahhh", "Nice", Beautiful" comment from followers on social photo sites like Flickr. But all though I like this photo and I had fun while post processing it (and shooting it) its not displaying my creativity. While I'm becoming better at mastering photography from an equipment point of view I'm still completely blind when it comes to communicating a story through my photography. Its only beautiful photos.

After reading about the young photographer Natalie Dybisz aka Miss Aniela on Lenscratch, I even more convinced that I need to define a new mission for becoming a true photographer with my own voice.

Focus is needed. A couple of themes that is close to my heart and mind is needed. Creating a body of work, that can be presented as a visual statement to galleries and magazine editors, is the strategy I'm going to follow.

Here is an example of Natale Dybisz work:

Harmony String

Here is a remark that Natalie Dybisz made during the interview to Lenscratch:

Give yourself time to create a body of work, which you could share ‘in progress’ through internet platforms but don’t feel the pressure to ‘present’ yourself with a website and pursue exhibitions, publicity etc until you have something solid and worthy to show. Things might might move faster in the internet age but as the saying goes, ‘there is no shortcut to the places worth going’. Some patience needs to be had in being able to first form a foundation from which you are happy to stand for the long-term.

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Architectural Cubism - Day 106

A new office building in the northern part of Copenhagen. I'm getting more into architectural photography and with CS6 it is easy to correct "falling lines" perspective errors. The outer walls are forming a moire pattern when photographed. Imaging how this would look if I used a Nikon D800E instead of my old Nikon D300 :-)

Equipment: Nikon D300 with AF Nikkor 20mm f/2.8.
Exposure: 1/1000 sec at f/7.1, 0EV, ISO 200

Leder & Kommunikation

I juli 2004, da jeg var nordisk direktør for Bang & Olufsen, skrev jeg et kapitel til bogen "Kommunikationens mange ansigter".  Efter et veloverstået strategiseminar i sidste uge med min ledergruppe hos Strålfors Information Logistics, hvor jeg er administrerende direktør, så kom jeg til at tænke på denne tekst og fik lyst til at bringe den her på min blog, da budskabet fortsat er af største betydning for at lykkes med en strategiimplementering.

Der er fire grundpiller i kommunikation: Det verbale, det kropslige, det aktionsorienterede og det usagte. Der er også fire arketyper af modtagere i en moderne virksomhed: Individet, gruppen, personalet og det ophøjede individ. Uanset kommunikationsform og modtager så husk direkte, tydelig og ærlig kommunikation.

Kravene til en leders kommunikationsevner på jobbet er øget betragteligt over de sidste 10 år. Og ”jobbet” er her ikke ment i en snæver betragtning, men mere præcist det kommunikationsunivers en leder opererer i under u…

Portrait of executive for LinkedIN and CV

Finn has some strong facial features that fits well to a high contrast b&w photo. I asked Finn to pose facing both with the left and right side tilting his face slightly to give him som options depending on where the photo need to be uploaded.

The we tried a more direct pose showing his strong hands and with less contrast.

If you live near Copenhagen give me a ping if you want a new set of portrait photos for your CV or LinkedIN.